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holosphere.vol1.no1(8pages) thumbThe Hellenic Institute of Holography has digitized out of its archives almost all past issues of the historical magazine HOLOSPHERE.

These are gradually added online under our Library category Periodicals>Holosphere where -for reasons of copyright and Intellectual Property rights- they are available in intentionally low resolution sufficient exclusively for reading/browsing (no print or download available). Starting with the 4 first issues of Vol. 1 (1972), this section will be enriched on a monthly basis with the issues of one full annual Volume until all 110 available issues of this unique source of inspiration for early holographers during the years of its publication (1972-1987) are posted for scientific research purposes.

HoloSphere was originally published by Sphere Inc. (USA) hence its title. As of 1974, Int'l Laser Systems Inc. of Orlando (FL) USA took control of this publication until Nov 1977 when the then-newsletter became the official magazine of the Museum of Holography in New York with Ed Bush as its editor. The magazine ceased its publication in 1987.

The cost of acquisition, digitization and online hosting of past issues of HoloSphere was covered by the HiH and these are now freely available for browsing on the Web for anybody interested in the historical study of the early years of applications of Holography. The HiH archives contain almot all past issues of this magazine, however -for the sake of completeness of this unique offer- members of the holographc community are invited to contribute with digitized versions of any missing issues.

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